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 Ashutosh gupta is a well known Content creator and people have been interested about knowing her Salary, and many more and here in this page you will get complete Profestional and Personal Information.

Ashutosh gupta Physics Wallah was born and brought up in UP. He did IIT Roorkee and having 20years of teachig experience. In this journey he had produced AIR – 10,12,19, 50, 98.
Hod, Joint Director and senior consultant in renowed institute at kota.
He had earned Best Faculty award and better known as King of physics Chemistry

Full Name Ashutosh gupta
Profession teacher
Date Of Birth  1980


Hobbies Traveling, Riding

School CBSE School
 Update soon

Educational Qualification Graduation

Marital Status and More

Marital Status Unmarried
Bf Update soon
Controversies None
Salary (approx) 1 Lakhs
Net Worth NA
Physical Stat

Height (approximate) in Feet-Inches – 5 Feet 7″
Weight (approximate) in Kilograms – 70Kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black

Social Media Accounts:

Facebook Updated Soon 
Twitter Ashutosh gupta
Instagram Ashutosh gupta
YouTube PW 

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Ashutosh Gupta Love STory ;


He is currently teaching at NUCLEUS EDUCATION in kota.  So let’s begin the story with ASHUTOSH sir.  According to him he was a average student till 12th standard but with his hard work and dedication he made himself to crack IIT jee entrance exam and got his rank in top 1500 students. It was really a big achievement for him. Then he took  addmision in IIT roorkee and started his furthur studies in his college.  He regularly visits his home in vacations.  One day he was heading towards his college along with his college friends after his vacations. They took a train for his journey to his college. ASHUTOSH sir along with his college friends took seat in side lower birth in train.  The horn of engine blowed and train started for its destination City. After sometime train stopped at a station and a beautiful girl along with her friend πŸ‘Όand her father πŸ‘³ took that train and took  seat in front of ASHUTOSH sir 😎. Then the train again started and ASHUTOSH sir saw that girl for the first time.then his eyes πŸ‘€  gone on  her father which were carrying a gun πŸ”«  in his waist. After seeing this he turns his eyes πŸ‘€  from that girl because of the fear  of her father. But we all know that when we are in love 😍  we don’t fear for anything.  Keeping all the fear aside he again looked into her eyes πŸ‘€.  After sometime…..dont know how but the one way interaction turned into two way interaction. It was just like love at first sight for both of them…….But neither of both had the guts to start conversation. Then ASHUTOSH sir and his friends decided  to write the contact number of ASHUTOSH sir on paper and put it in her bag.  Then destination city came and sir along with his friends left the train with a hope that she will call πŸ“± but the days passed and he didn’t got any call from that girl. He was waiting for her call with all his hope.  Some days passed and He lost all his hope and he stopped talking to anyone. His condintion Was getting poor day by day. Then one day his friends decided to search for that girl at the destination station of that train in which He saw that girl for the first time. But his friends were not serious, they only wanted to make him believe that the girl he is in love with…. Had gone and will never come back and he should move on and have to forget that girl.                                          So as per the plan ASHUTOSH sir along with his friends reached the destination railway station of that train and started searching for that girl in all the trains which were standing on that railway station. Couple of hours passed but they didn”t found that girl l,  so they decided to leave πŸ˜” that place and get back to their college . They took a train and took their seat in front of a girl.  That girl πŸ‘§  was with her friend. ASHUTOSH sir and that girl were shocked to see each other , didn’t know it was miracle or what but that was the only girl whom he was searching for many months.After sometimes the girl started weeping because she wanted ASHUTOSH sir to talk to her. But this time again he didn’t talked to her and they again decided to write his contact number on paper and by showing this paper to her,  a friend of him kept that paper πŸ“„  in her bag and they left the train.  After some days a call from that girl came to him. It was the first time they ever talked to each other. He got exited and told his friends  about that call.  He became so popular in his college because of his lovestory  😍. After this many problems came in between their relationship.  ASHUTOSH sir also suffered from throat  cancer 😰 but by the grace of god πŸ™ he is healthy now πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„ .keeping aside all these problems they continued to love 😍 eachother πŸ’‘ and after 5 or 8 years they got married πŸ‘« with the permission of their parents and now he is one of the happiest married couple πŸ‘« , i ever seen.

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