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In this article, we are going to share a free pdf download of Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF using direct link. We have neither created nor scanned the pdf, its already available on the internet and we just share it.

Now Before sharing the free pdf download of Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF with you, here important information are there which you might be interested.

Overview :

Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF is one of the Best book for quick revsion and it is a completely revised edition of the existing book.The book covers concise notes for a quick overview of chapters. Illustrative diagrams are provided on HD pages. The Objective questions are arranged in a topic wise manner. Class wise Mock test papers (at the end of class wise syllabus) and complete model test papers are provided inside the book to check the subject’s readiness.

About the author :

Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF is very famously known for its best-selling hit. The book has ranked the highest among the best-sellers for several editions now!We aim to keep the book updated year after year so, our team of subject matter experts keeps an eye on the changes in latest pattern of exam. We make the necessary updates in every edition. Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 Solutions pdf

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Feature of Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF:

Following are the feature of Pradeep Chemistry Class 11 and 12 PDF:

  • Study from Chapter wise notes for a quick synopsis of chapters
  • Practice from the topic wise objective Questions to get a firm grip on concepts of latest pattern of exam.
  • Solve Topic wise questions from each line of book thus, covering more than 100 questions from each chapter of book. There are approx. 5000+ questions in the book
  • Take help of various exam tools such as Exam archive, class wise model test papers and complete model test paper for competitive exams
  • Measure your understanding of the chapter through performance analyzer.
  • Move forward to the next chapter if you have scored more than 80%.
  • Stay back and practice more if you have scored less than 80%

Books Information: 

Author namePradeep 
Book namePradeep 
File Size10 mb
File typePdf

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